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Terry Davies
Terry Davies
Victoria is dedicated to her clients' health and the achievement of their goals. Perceptive and knowledgeable, she targets key development areas with precision. She is a delight to work with and I look forward to our a regular sessions. Regardless of my age, (I am 76) Victoria has managed to make "us" feel that we are working as a team. In over a year of training, I haven't missed a session. That speaks volumes to my level of satisfaction.
Jessica Sinclair
Jessica Sinclair
As a working mom with a busy toddler - I simply can't make much time for myself. Tori has been a life saver to me by enabling me to focus on myself, my strength and my wellness so I show up best for my myself, my family and my work. Her packages are flexible and importantly, I'm able to save precious time (virtual sessions mean I don't have to go to the gym). I've been training with her for a number of years now, and I can attest to her willingness to go above and beyond, coach with intentionality and push her clients in all the appropriate ways while still being extremely likeable! I highly recommend Stronghouse Coaching!
Helene Hebert
Helene Hebert
Coach Victoria is by far the best fitness coach I have EVER had. Her approach is so unique, and she is so knowledgeable. What she teaches worked wonders on me. Because of her, I can still dig out gardens for myself and my customers even though I am 7 months pregnant. This is so important to me because I have a new business as a Garden Consultant. If you would have told me it would be possible a year ago, I would have never believed it. She is simply amazing and I cannot recommend her strongly enough! Working with her was so worth the investment!
Maria Radford
Maria Radford
I have had Victoria Elliot as a personal coach since early February, 2021. Each month she changes the exercises she assigns. I can access them on line and she can keep track of my workouts when we aren't working together. I see this exercise as essential as I am a 77 yr old cancer survivor. When I am not feeling well enough to do a full workout Victoria modifies the program for that day with very little notice. She allows make-up classes when I have to miss as well. The exercises are functional strength training with breathing and proper positioning emphasized. She knows and explains exactly which muscle groups she has me working on. I not only feel stronger, I sleep better and I have more confidence when doing daily activities. I have has personal coaching before but never have I had someone who understands what I need and can encourage me to achieve my fitness goals.




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Hi, I’m Victoria Elliott, founder and head coach of Strong House Coaching. My goal is to help you take ownership of your health, so you can perform your best in all aspects of your life. I quite like the WHO’s definition of health as “a state of complete mental, physical, emotional, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease of infirmity”. This definition ties in really well with the holistic approach I take with my clients, emphasizing the four pillars of health: rest, movement, diet, and happiness.

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